http://styledsnapshots.com/about buy sildenafil citrate no prescription Too many disparate systems and too much data duplication, makes for one big headache. We feel your pain, and give you X-Connect™. The all-in-one integration tool that solves your integration challenges, and maximizes data sharing, accuracy and workflow efficiency.

Manage all your interface needs using one multipurpose integration engine. Save time integrating among EMRs, billing systems, health information exchanges (HIEs) and more. X-Connect is the fastest, most efficient way to create, test, monitor and maintain interfaces, no matter the protocol or standard. You can integrate any data to any system, including one-to-one, one-to-many and many-to-many environments.


Any Protocol

  • LLP
  • Web Services (SOAP, RESTful)
  • Database
  • File System
  • TCP/IP

Any Data Format

  • HL7 v2, HL7 v3
  • CDA
  • CCD
  • X12NCPDP
  • EDI
  • XML
  • Delimited Text

Download the X-Connect™ Brochure

X-Connect™ Brochure

Arizona OB/GYN clinic utilizes X-Connect™ to integrate ultrasound reports into EMR.

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