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7 Medical Systems Help Desk Center & Service

7 Medical Systems utilizes Microsoft® Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Professional Suite and Support solutions for its technical support database and knowledge warehouse. Microsoft is a leading CRM vendor offering extensive and advanced customer relationship management tools. Below are some of the features of these tools that 7 Medical is currently using to provide superior service and support to our clients.

Microsoft CRM Suite

Microsoft CRM is the primary technical support software package that 7 Medical Systems utilizes for managing its help desk. This powerful, fully customizable, and user-friendly system allows customer service personnel to quickly log and track calls and service requests. In addition, 7 Medical utilizes remote assistance solutions from Positive Networks that will facilitate secure and seamless remote support and provide clients greater flexibility and interaction with the help desk.

Microsoft CRM Service Request Management Benefits

7 Medical Systems’ customer support professionals will create, assign, track, and resolve service requests quickly and accurately. Service teams will capture and share contacts, problem descriptions, multiple levels of severity classification and prioritization as well as problem sources and resolution status tracking information.

This suite of integrated problem-solving technologies, including global find, an online knowledge base and auto querying for related items, allows customer service and support agents to manage and resolve service requests and identify product defects.

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